Common customer requirements in logo design

logo design is the logo text, graphic analysis, and after reading, combined with understanding of the industry or commercial use, and other aspects, graphic and text form of uniqueness and exclusivity.
logo design
1. simple
simple, simple, simple, often one word short, meaning varies. Customers give us more typically begin Shi Moling ambiguous, especially simple. How can we understand the simple two word?
simplicity in logo design is the meaning, culture, vision, vision, purpose, people in areas such as important factors in the customer's shoes after many considerations, an important statement of the us, the expression generally, customers know, we do not understand the problem. As a sign of creative design, our job has to do is reverse analysis to understand the original purpose. Therefore, we communicated and the final approval of the children is not the same, it is likely to lead to errors and induced us to design.
logo creative design combinations of various forms and pure on a simple graphic, text, text and graphics, text or graphic design and final mix.
logo design for simplicity we understand the numerous information sort, removing more than 80% of secondary information, seize key messages to two, followed by a divergent thinking, combines the primary information in the simplest way, and easily gets the audience like it.
logo creative design simplicity does not mean complexity of the graphics, but about the feasibility of practical application, hence the symbol to expand the picture.
2. atmospheric
broad meaning of the word, in real estate advertising the astounding process of heating and cooling, magnificent and the atmosphere linked with the word. As a designer, told us the atmosphere, might as well say Grand to the right. Therefore, atmospheric Yu Hongwei, ambitious can also be used to represent.
in logo design, atmospheric words Basic applies to all industries, also equivalent to useless information. If you want to create international brand of minimalist route, the atmosphere should be equivalent to the simple, material; for products or consumer goods, air should be the industry's main competitors and benchmark of enterprises design style can be used for reference, of course, a suitable reference in many enterprises to do the logo positioned.
signs of creative design atmosphere, isn't it witty? Do not grasp the characteristics of the industry? Isn't the maverick style?
we can from you simple of requirements in the refined out essence;
so from brand of beginning-logo design, initial of communication please don't with "simple, atmosphere" such of Word to pursuit fashion, and a good of Hangzhou logo design company, and a has strong promoted effect of planning enterprise for, you of needs on like is to hospital doctor, doctor certainly is against makeup, or we how palpation!
nutritional value of food trends is not the fastest, but take away, or walk and eat food consumption. Food manufacturers around the world are listed on the development take-away food and drinks, the food packaging design is not limited to the basic objective of protection during the distribution process. Packaged food is not only edible, but also delicious form of packaging must be easy to hold with one hand and packaging must be easy to open, closed, open packing should be made to reduce waste.
the past, chocolate bars, bags of chocolate seashell candy and soda is the worst takeout food, available to walk and eat. At present, packaged foods has been elevated to a "quick service restaurant" can be taken out of the food wrapped hamburgers and tacos, paper cups of chicken nuggets and chips, polystyrene bottles of soda and wrinkles fiber boxes of pizza.
liquid no development of products than they did a few years ago to squeeze to eat yogurt packed more strange. After years of development, flexible tubes of yogurt not only more flavorful, and led to the rapid development of other liquid or semi-solid food packaging. Children can squeeze the soft packaged food directly into the mouth and pharynx to the stomach. Derived products frozen liquid stick, squeeze fresh packaged pudding quickly spread in the market. Aseptic tubular packaging applesauce also appears, but soon retreated because the target does not accept the concept of the market, people are accustomed to eating single, barrier applesauce a plastic cup. Derived from toothpaste tubes squeezed esophageal-packaged application on peanut butter, easy to squeeze peanut butter on bread, suitable for growing sandwich market is being adjusted.


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