Policy decisions to a successful ad

        guarantee of enterprises and commodities and egos, not necessarily persuasive. So, will use a third party to emphasize to consumers a product or feature recommendation advertising strategy of an enterprise to obtain the trust of consumers. So this kind of advertising strategy, also known as the testimony. For a commodity expert authority, identification of research departments, historical data confirm, science demonstration, are a powerful testimony, can produce "prestige" effect, which leads to trust. In many cases, people buying motives, is because the prestige received publicity.

comparative advertising

         which is a competitor of advertising strategy, that is, the two products at the same time side by side, comparing. Advertising more use in some countries in Europe and America. "Have no fear of not knowing much about, afraid of goods than the goods." Comparison, reflects the specific characteristics of the product, is the effective way to mobilize trust, comparison methods are:


innovation compare

quality comparative


         advertising policies, mainly in order to develop psychological effect. Companies or commodities borrowed things, symbols, or characters to represent the goods, in this way to shape the corporate image, given to emotional infection, raise awareness of product quality, features and benefits of Association. Meanwhile, the corporate and product image height profiles and focus on a symbol, is good for memory, expand its influence.

         the above concluded that policy success is advertising creativity and creativity is expressed as creative people everywhere in a creative State of mind. Any advertising strategies man has successful experiences, but most of the people most of which have never inspired any achievements. Because the inspiration and good advertising strategy, there are great distances, this distance must rely on a great work to shortening, hard training and hard thinking is needed to complete. Policy can be said to be creating desire, experience, writing skills, comprehensive thinking and preparation and situation of temptation. Only the creation of strong creative talent is likely to grasp the spirit of inspiration, create attractive works, attractive advertisements.

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