Excellent ad copy creation best practices

        advertising occurs, accompanied by ads appeared, advertising is a form of information dissemination activities, dissemination and communication must rely on symbols to complete with the audience can understand, advertising is the ultimate carriers of these symbols, the advertising copy in the language of symbols is in. Copywriting is not limited to language, but includes language for all language symbols to convey information.

         copywriter's mission is to develop motivation and desire to build trust, found in many brands to consumers a reason to be sure to choose a particular brand. In a sense, good ad copy should be like a knife "weapon", can be shattered consumers ' purses. But a good copy writer is hidden behind a copy of "murderer". Therefore, refuse mediocrity of advertising copy, copy more taboo. And copywriting is not just paperwork; copy writers more than workers--the "murderer" not only critical thinking, broader knowledge and deft writing skills and ability to control various cultural styles and multiple languages, also requires a lot of creativity and creative spirit.
         a good advertising, like a beautiful woman, beautiful and smart like excellent copy such as a decent shirt, can reveal the human culture and charm. Its inherent creative wit to a great extent governs consumers ' buying decision. When ads in the text/image or music, and consumers agree in Exchange, the charm of our advertising products creation can be vented out amazing sales force. To say the
        , ad copy is good or bad depends entirely on copywriting writer's professional quality is good or bad. A copy of "killer" should meet the following conditions:

         to have good knowledge of the structure. Advertising is one of the interdisciplinary social science. Professional advertising people, not only have a deep knowledge of advertising, marketing, consumer behavior, consumer psychology, integrated communication as well as social aspects of knowledge is study. This knowledge comes from careful observation and understanding of the unique marketing.

         his product, market and has a unique understanding of the relationship between consumers. Advertising people are as good as companies understand the product itself, but make sure the business as we know it. Good ad copy through their own unique ability to comprehend product deep value, market prospects and target audience, with a view to effective means will best show to the audience, and meet the target of consumer psychology.

         ad copy must also be familiar with advertising means, and good at managing text. Copy although just advertising of part, but a not understand copy and advertising of coordination sex, and not understand different of advertising media in advertising expressive Shang of difference, and not know in different of media needed what style, and not know for adapted different products different consumers and using different style of copy personnel, is hard creation out rich expressive of copy of, so advertising on will lost spiritual, advertising can mining of potential on will lost idle do
&Nbsp;        the most important is that the copy of "murderer" must have the creativity of advertising and creative spirit, as it determines the ad copy in the original and subversive.

         what we mean by creativity, not some obscure, secret art form. Merchants are able to use only the most practical thing. When his advertisement break, dare to make new attempts, he created a certain originality, and closely associated with the themes and its core, can be condensed into essence of information to tell target advertising works. This copy may be creative.

"lethal weapon" the refining process

         process of creative thinking is the process of writing. Good advertising copy as market competition is one of the main "weapon" is a product of hardships after close consideration of transcendence. But this process is not without rules to follow.
         on creative thinking about how to proceed, there are many versions, the most universally recognized first mentioned in unseating Voorhis in the art of thinking "four stages". Combined with the famous advertising guru zhanmusi·weibo·Yang "five stages" in the book the method of producing creative reflection on the ad copy creation process, we determined the following create ad copy "murder weapon" the refining process.
         brain factory stock. Any plant in the world to manufacture any kind of goods, raw materials must be provided in advance. Advertising creative and copywriting thinking is no exception. A good copywriter is very good at collecting authoring information domination. Collect information in two ways: specific and general information. Information are those related to the product-specific information, as well as information on those objects. And collect specific information is equally important, continued to gather general information. Every true creative ad man, have two important characteristics: in this world, nothing is not interested in him; he extensively through all information of each discipline. In advertising before the collection of specific information is temporary work, and general data collection is a lifetime of work.
         obviously, collecting product information, marketing information and condensed into a single theme, is a complex and daunting process, but there is no way you can yield. Don't do it, you could come up with nothing.

         to divergent thinking and tolerant heart to review the material, this is an excellent creative germination of fertile soil. Take a look at our collection of all raw materials, take the time to check this information, processing information, focus on thinking, seeking breakthroughs. In a lot of thought process, the products should be consciously or subconsciously associate with the market conditions, looking for the relationship between raw materials, each material combination, may earn a small amount of uncertain or incomplete parts of creativity, this can become a good idea born of the soil. However, this process will ultimately destined to be abandoned by our thinking garbage, weak-willed persons may feel tired, there is a sense of despair, but this is a rare, critical state.

         screening, San Diego, discovered and signed rich ore. With the accumulation of the material reviewed, we learned some valuable things and ideas. We call it "rich ore"; maybe some experienced guys might also see some all that glitters like gold. This is the inevitable result of a long time. But which only experience, intuition or inspiration for problems solution. Such a scheme can have many, but is often not feasible. We must finally determine whether they are really available "-rich ore" or "gold" – the creative and copy must be in logical test programme, feasibility, for accurate analysis, consider whether it meets creative needs.

         rough. A "lethal weapon" and the weapon, with its special shape and structure, constituted power. For ideas, basic ideas of this phase must be able to build creative, determine the basic forms of creative power. Advertising creatives and text must be well thought out, a lot to digest and subconscious creation. If necessary, can be focused on giving up on think, focus on doing some activities that can stimulate the imagination, such as listening to music, watching movies or reading detective stories and the like. Over time, the idea might appear when you least expect it. When thinking of light is more than just a Flash of inspiration, but a result of accumulation of creative thinking he listens.

         polishing, edge. Reach the end of the fourth step, nobody can think that they are done. After this as a sword forging as there are many more important things to do: sword master must also give it the polished blade and open people. The same token, good ideas are found in the brain, you must also enable it to become the ultimate work. Often, good ideas does not mean that good work, because it goes into the real work isn't very nice, it must be presented in a proper form. Must weigh every word, they both can be prickly, and chop. So, our good works should not be kept secret, to give it to the thoughtful critics review, and can be a useful addition.

thinking about copywriting process but also to some of the most notable issues.

         collection of information must be comprehensive and accurate, whether it is the original information or general information. Information provided by the customer is often not very comprehensive, especially to market information, creative staff to collect. In addition, the daily accumulation of creative personnel is also important, the information obtained because of their experience will be richer, intuitive and effective.

         creative people should grasp to solve their own problems, that is exactly what to write copy, what kind of goals that helped shape what kind of brand image, what strategy and what information to convey what kind of style, and so on.

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