Anatomy of a minimalistic Web design
People think that designing such a site is easy, but like many other people, designing one of the most difficult things is to make things look simple.
I think the simplicity of design, one of the most important parts are proportion and balance. Balance (symmetric and asymmetric) of traditional ideas are a starting point, but in a minimalist design tolerances are so much tighter; you have the absolute right or got it.
ratio is important. The size, color, type, if one of these elements is in and any other element, the entire design is out of whack. No place to hide in the smallest design.
for me, "simple" and "keep it simple" are two different terms. "Simple" is phenominally hard to achieve, "keep it simple" is a "simple" no oil of heavenly understanding imitation or design. "Simple" is considered to be very easy to do, because the end result is so perfect. Mimic the end with "keep it simple".
a large number of blank
in one of the key design features is a white space and clutter of the apparent absence of effective use. White space doesn't have to be white, of course, it refers only to the open space in the design, any color is possible. Negative effects of clutter can have several visitors. More importantly, visitors find it difficult to focus on the previous page is the most important part, if it is a mess. White space and make it easier to digest the contents of Web pages.
Finch is an example of the effective use of white space. Effective printing

a handful of pictures and additional items to create a website is not difficult, but you can create one that looks good is an even bigger challenge. Many best mimimalistic design uses fewer photos and graphics, through better use of typeset compensation. Excellent layout is able to replace many lost does not use a lot of pictures of visual interest. For this reason, the printing press is more than any other in the minimalist design style design is the key.
maximize image effect of
rely on effective simple design with a few images and graphics, they do not use, instead of using a lot of their effect, strong impact. Its quality and quantity. By using fewer images, who used to be able to have more influence and attract more visitors eyes. Add white space also contributes to these images and graphics stand out. Effective use of
's choice is important to any design, but more simple design. At the end of page, color combinations, and play a greater role in the look of the site. What is hidden in the simple design and color choice. Use a lot of images and photos, Web pages and Web sites, you will get more color, luxurious, minimalist design without these elements.
color can be a very powerful way to help particular content stand out. Simple minimalist design, choice of color, have more influence. I mentioned earlier the importance of typography, and how it can help replace the image needs. Effective combination of colors and fonts, you can have a significant effect.
benheersi uses a black background, white and grey text, but images and navigation working together pages of beautiful color touch (go to the scene, photos and check out the navigation and interaction).
with a simple design and one of the biggest reasons is that it is easier for visitors to quickly see a website or purpose of a particular page, rather than what is going on, as well as distracting. Using this approach, you have a better control, information to the visitors depicted.
make·boerdun design using the line "beautiful, simple design", speedy?? Get his message around the visitors.
eliminate the Extras
minimalism is obviously lacking something it is not necessary. Get rid of anything not needed, what impact on visitors.
when compared with most other news sites, news morning less tourists, which makes it easier to digest the contents.

many sites there are so many things, it is for visitors to it's hard to know what is the focal point of the site, or what is the most important. Simple Web site has the advantage, because they can be more effectively guide the visitor's attention to the most important content of the page.

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