"Micro-brands design"
With the improvement of people's living standard, domestic design industry development, the continuous improvement of people's spiritual and cultural needs, brand is more competitive, brand shaping the brand image has not only large enterprises patent, an increasing number of small investors in the beginning has been very focused on building their brand image. There is no doubt that, no matter how big companies or small businesses, brand design whether on sales or business is of great significance to the long-term development. Often do not need early early years of small business enterprises set up a perfect brand identity system, just the need for brand image design, Dong Rui Heng Chuang defines as "micro-brands design".
"micro-brands design" does not need to be as comprehensive as the brand, but not careless Act also requires no scientific method of operation to perform, "micro-brands design" is the Foundation of development for established brands in the future, because it is the Foundation, need steady enough solid enough, so as to develop, growing brand value.
"micro-brands design" need to be brief and accurate brand attitudes and philosophy "brand philosophy, vision and mission"
this answers almost all of the original from the entrepreneur's business attitude and dreams, needs sorting and refining them.
"micro-brands design" Visual expression is particularly important, are more likely to accept new things and memories through the Visual, brand visual identity is stored in the customers brand labels in the brain, good brand Visual identification can be used to allow the brain to store and call.
"micro-brands design" Visual Basic design elements include: using brand logo design, logo, color scheme, pattern and exclusive cartoon images, all kinds of combinations of standard applications and the need for industry-related projects, if the budget is limited, so don't demand too much, just fine, in the brand development process can gradually improve the rest.
"micro-brands" does not, and believe that operators of good management and good brand image, in small enterprises, and will burst into dazzling light.

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