Brand recognition is not just logo

       iPod's success is that Apple has established a "can crush brand." The title and the 1915 classic Coke bottle design, simply put is, even the coke bottle is broken into pieces, people can recognize his or her identity on each piece of debris, even if it didn't see its LOGO.
in the United Kingdom earlier tobacco advertising restrictions, Gallaher tobacco company cigarette brand "silk" (Silk Cut) the hide LOGO, but subtly in the ad shows a sharp pair of scissors across the purple silk screen. A survey showed that in the audience of the ads, a whopping 98% people automatically associate the picture with "wire" brand links, although this advertisement never appeared in the LOGO of the shadow.
      ":" not only know how to hide the LOGO at the same time strengthening the unique identity of the brand: a cowboy, a brand of cigarettes is likely to float your mind right now; a photograph of a camel, might quickly remind you of another cigarette brand. Many of these brands are ranked most valuable brands in the world.

      However, even got the case, we still lack an objective explanation of why no LOGO condition, strengthen and enhance a brand's influence is still feasible? to understand the problem, we recruited more than 2000 volunteers from around the world, join the "No LOGO" experiment.

      experimental site in Oxford, England is one of the neuro-imaging Center. The subjects were divided into several groups, in turn, was brought into the screening room of white. A magnetic resonance imager at a cost of $ 5 million. We let the participants watch a series of images from Marlboro and Camel: formula one (before the ban on advertising, the brand has sponsored a variety of world-class formula one race), cigarette packs, advertising ... ... These images have to convince smokers consume approximately 145 trillion cigarettes a year.

      cigarette advertising without LOGO is so effective, the secret lies in our brain called the "nucleus accumbens" part. It is also a pleasant mood and desire in the brain nerve distribution. When we want a cigarette, want some wine, ecstasy or participate in gambling, this area will show obvious excitement. My fascination with the nucleus accumbens for several reasons, but mainly because it can tell us: no LOGO advertising effect. When smokers see the images of the Red Ferrari, unkempt cowboy, even when the red triangle is a simple, they are generally indicative of the nucleus accumbens in the brain are activated.

      to my surprise is that this is not true of all of them. We find and repeatedly confirmed: in some cases, when not showing when the LOGO images for stimulation of the nucleus accumbens to more strongly than the show logo. In other words, only cowboy Marlboro Billboard above a stimulation of the nucleus accumbens, are better than one at the same time the Marlboro cowboy and the much larger Billboard LOGO.

      the fact is that we live in a world where brands overwhelming. In the United States, a 65-year old consumers throughout their lives, exposed on average 2 million TV commercials. This is equivalent to 6 years in the full 8 hours a day watching ads. It sounds really frustrating. It is no wonder that over the years the effectiveness of television commercials have been weakened.

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