SFC LOGO by questions designed to prove not "serial"

the China Securities Regulatory Commission has enabled new Logo, but the Logo is made up of three red words was ridicule by shareholders overwhelming, admire the designer "very talented". Many investors said this clearly is "serial", reminiscent of a Russia troika of folk songs, boards, junior, gem sets. Users worried that this Logo Design ring set, no matter what goes around comes around, are here at the Commission wrung, not three life can't work?

even more serious is that the SFC Logo also has a cottage feel, one refers to the patterns he plagiarized. Pictures from the Internet, the SFC Logo with name "MOOSEART" Poland Company Logo apart from the colour, and pattern is little different. In addition, three group in Fujian province and the Germany Football Association Logo is also similar, are three series of triangles.

supervision of the SFC in the past repeatedly criticized shareholders dissatisfied with the absence of money effect market mechanisms, there are still many unfair, unjust, closed system filled with anger. And the Commission to design the Logo of an inextricable knot, inadvertently stung investors weak hearts.

saying "serial" can be looked at as a recreation, but suspected fraud cannot be taken lightly, the top regulator of a market of "fraud", the credibility of listed company supervision where is? Designed under the obligation of the parties to the SFC is not "serial".

in this regard, the SFC Logo design design of Fang Dongmei's road May 17 Twitter raised two points: 1, original 2, legitimacy. Dongdao design said it had disclosed the designer's creative process, to prove the originality of design. MOOSEART flag is not registered in China, so the creation of the Commission of the logo is legitimate. According to the information available, Poland MOOSEART company logo designed in 2012, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission sign sketch design phase has completed at the end of 2011, earlier than the MOOSEART company logo design time.

but this explanation is very pale. First, legal cottage are two different things. Not registered in China, shows that only the Company Logo in China, no copyright, and any other institutions can fake a rush in China; the second, MOOSEART company logo designed in 2012, what proof hosting design with no trading between MOOSEART?

a 2012 opening Logo and it shows that the market is quite high, as commercial companies, advertising is a must. Coincidence that its Logo appeared prior to the release of the CSRC, unknown. SFC Logo upon release, MOOSEART is well known in the world.

MOOSEART "passive" conducted a successful publicity stunt, host design is necessary since it is not under their "serial", because MOOSEART and dongdao design a winner, only the SFC became losers.

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