Everyone loves design and few people really play a leading role in the design industry

     both after school professional learning is self-taught people, at least those who understand design as a discipline expertise can be called professionals,

for example at least to learn and practice basic drawing, graphic composition, graphic design, design thinking, can use involves the

hardware tools, this random items is a complex subject, the expertise of the only that we call professional designers

Member. But there are some people who can only use a computer software claimed to be a "designer", this is the one who love design.

    again has is on design has needs of crowd, can understanding for customer, they because they because a species needs must using to a species design results, than

as they need logo, and poster, and photography, and products, and clothing, and building, and even is a idea or concept, but these people itself does not has professional of set

meter knowledge, just slightly understand some, but currently community more of design needs crowd also into to "Love design," the protagonist, they have professional designers

as tools, but they are as a person.

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