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most commercial banner banner today is plastic products, wide range of uses, prices are not uniform. When people are using the banner of screen printing in bulk production, a high density PVC fiber reinforced polyolefin is widely, though it also require special ink and acrylic-coated deal (for paint and ink to adhere to the substrate).

these Tyvek products in the United States is the most popular brand is made up of two basic forms: T-10 instead of paper, T-14/16 replaces the fiber cloth, and there are four different types: 7657D,1073D,1079 and 1085D, due to different production processes and in thickness. 7657D cheapest price, and in the short term banners and 12 inches for large format banners praised in the application. 1085D is the most expensive but also the most durable material. 1079 is through embossing forms printing, so their fiber Vortex patterns is not very noticeable. Polyolefin benefit in the short term use of flags is without suture. edge and angle on both sides to protect the smallest edge from tearing and allows the use of rope taut hanging weights straight up. Another kind of screen printing vinyl banner material is more popular in fabric, they are generally used for short-term outdoor advertising, like indoor banner. Thickness in mils units. Commonly used such as 4, 8, 10 mil.

not only has the advantages of low cost, multi-olefins because both smooth and light in material widely used in the banner. As the affinity of screen printing ink, fabric family accept vinyl picture, if vinyl picture can be properly handled, it can be combined with enamel and porcelain-like ink-like application. Flag products, polyene banner free glue stick and angle, and they can be folded and rolls. Polyene flag is used most commonly in the form of vinyl that are handled as glue. Fiber cloth is actually added to the outside of the plastic to make it soft vinyl film.

polyester flag slightly uneven surface, so most of the time makes it difficult for vinyl banner tightly affixed to surfaces. Plasticizer led to the emergence of a larger problem, though, when flag long hung in direct sunlight when the plasticizer and surfaces from the banner, leaving a sticky surface, easily stained with dirt. Glue decorative vinyl material for screen printing and inkjet printer, however material without plasticizer type glaze dry. A solution is to advance the material coating them with glaze. Some flag manufacturers also sell fiber overglaze banner. With most of the different banner substrates, adhesive vinyl banners are sold according to weight, ounce weight is based on no square yard range, heavier flags often with opaque material on both sides of the sandwich in the middle. When taking into account the 13 oz banner are more solid than 8 ounces of which involves security, weight factor of the second.

olefin yarn thickness and strength-toughness determines the degree of tenacity of flag products. Number of threads per foot is also a factor. When assigning a banner for you, be sure to remember flag supplier to offer you the cutting, folding and installation size, for example, after a 36-inch banner material, because of the stitching length the remaining 34 inches. Flying the flag of adhesive vinyl in various ways. Light flag slightly (less than 60-feet-2), the hanging d-rings that are available directly from the corner of the banner.

large format and heavy banner needs the help of grommet-rolled band, or with a cord sewn into hem. Heavy flag in a windy environment need to fly the flag of upper and lower tie cables. Remember when used what flag fiber indoor available any type fiber, to fire fiber for better. in outdoor, different of producers has different of views, need asked. in any situation Xia, you should know makes fiber fracture of minimum temperature, anti-wind performance (wind and flag surface into right angle blow pressure Shi flag surface can resistance of maximum wind speed), and tear strength (flag from upper, and lower or side wing Shi by can bear of maximum pull). outdoor fiber cloth Shang some color especially fluorescent light.

will fade in the Sun too long. If you're using paint, ink or when you have any questions on vinyl, it is best to consult fabric manufacturers, ink manufacturers or their value for a little experiment. Reasonable suspension will have a significant impact on signs of life. Here again, if there's anything you don't understand, ask a fabric manufacturer or supplier, and no matter when and where you want to fasten the four corners of the flag.

blank plate call them plastic sheeting bubble perhaps contradictory interpretation of the basic law, but there are several different kinds of stiff, synthetic materials for indoor and outdoor signs. There are two types of foam made from synthetic material, the third form of material is plastic made of corrugated cardboard. For many people, the foam board is a typical sitailuo foam (polystyrene) light solid plastic plates. But its method of production, producers prefer to call it the extrusion of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rubber products more precise appellation should be synthetic or sandwich Board, too Los foam core Board on one or both surfaces covered with different resin surface, to affinity paints, printing ink and vinyl picture.

indoor signs products are two typical types of polystyrene foam polystyrene and squeeze small holes in polystyrene. Synthesis based on the expanded polystyrene plates in appearance and the sitailuo foam is very similar. Polystyrene is expands into bead shapes produce. Synthesis of small-cell extruded polystyrene Board is more like a sitailuo foam trays that supermarket meat tray. As the name suggests, this Board also has a lot of tiny particles. Expansion board is generally considered to lack aesthetic value and cutting is not clean, but it can produce large-format products, which is squeezing small holes in products lacking strength. Coated surface can be a paper including non-permeability, clays and polyolefin plastic coating of paper, or even stick to the sitailuo foam core of foil or vinyl. The plate thickness range between 1/16 to 4.

determine the correct thickness of materials to meet different needs whether it is hanging from the ceiling was hung on the wall, is set up on the Earth, its meaning self-evident. However, the sign with a thickness of up to 3/16. Combinations on the Board in the indoor use is economic, although some faced polyolefin is suitable for outdoor use closely, but the main shortcoming is its laminates non fire-resistant, and absorb moisture thus leads to warping, delamination of the plate surface. Take into account the positive aspects, panels easy to mold, razor blades and saws to cut, can be bent into shape and smooth edges, but also based on the film of the paint, ink and vinyl. Combinations of PVC foam board is a seamless piece. After the PVC foam, then squeeze, was wrapped in plastic extrusion blowholes page original shapes. These small pores and combination plates combination plate was equal to the weight and get rid of flammable, hygroscopic shortcomings.

in fact, these boards should be damp-proof, chemical substances and prevent corrosion. Although these products are resistant to scratching and fighting, but its performance will decrease with decreasing temperature, black plate exposure to sunlight can also warp there, even if the plate has some ability to withstand failure, they also cannot decay metamorphic (UV coating to prevent decay). With the expansion of the new color, width and thickness of the PVC plate extrusion into a series of (1-13 mil). Determine the correct thickness of PVC panels depends on the number sign dimensions and deviations. For example, a 3 mil thick plate for 2*2 feet or smaller signs more appropriate (almost 75% of PVC boards as a sign to 3 mils), for large signs, many manufacturers are using 6 mil thickness.

10 and 13 mil thickness of dedicated to the plate with the MDO, more inclined to cut letters. In practical applications, PVC panels instead of wood, particularly in the mil PVC block value on work, and wood work exactly the same, and use wood tools they can grind, drill, nails, punching, carving. 1-3 mil used razor cutting, but 3 mils is usually marked in advance and break, instead of directly cutting. PVC is a vinyl picture and screen printing are excellent substrates, but it requires the use of solvent ink, so that ink can melt into the surface of the plate.

another up and down one of the plastic plate is corrugated plastic. These high performance polypropylene products synthetic resin in order to increase flexibility, ensure the ability to resist impact and low temperature performance, and then extruded into a two-tier Board. Polypropylene product is lightweight and durable, it does not absorb water, conditions can be maintained for five years in direct sunlight does not deteriorate, it is also ideal for indoor and outdoor sign products. Sold on the market of corrugated plastic 2-10 mil thick, thicker plastic, rigid, corrugated Flex of 10 mil is equivalent to MDO panels.

in the vast majority of work 4 mil or 5 mil is very effective thickness. Because there are grooves with corrugated plastic, so values tell which are which is wide is particularly important. But in general we say wave length is calculated according to the Groove of the Board, that is, when there is a 18X24-inch value, meaning the Groove extended length is 24 inches, short edges are parallel to the ground, in the 24X18-inch sign says the opposite.

in addition to the two most common sizes in addition to 4X8 feet the size of page is also very popular. In determining how the plates mounted when the direction of the Groove is also important.
mounted flat and corrugated plates of the most commonly used method is the metal framework and application of copper flat head nails-plastic, corrugated plastic sheet is easy to work on. Even thicker plate can also be cut with a knife. Corrugated plastic sheet has a lot of color, but specially treated to accept lots of screen printing ink, it also accepted the glaze layer vinyl spray paint, spray paint and a letter, but water quality paint on its surface is not dry

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