Corporate Web site design tips

corporate Web site design tips

in General, the URL contains keywords for website optimization can really help. Brand effects into account, but, with the brand name domain names should be a more appropriate. Don't go get rich quick errors. Independent domain names better recognized by the search engines. Survey: most of the search engine rankings for those who do not have a separate domain site gives smaller "importance". &Nbsp;  
     Website is designed to use reasonable means (not cheats), to optimize the website source code, to make it more search engine-friendly, more in line with the ranking rules a site 70% is website optimization    
     Website optimization, content focus: website structure analysis/optimization of keyword analysis customer competitive analysis;   
four indexes to measure website optimization effect: keyword ranking in the search engines; in the Alexa ranking; PR value or number of external connections; the arrival rate of the target population, (note not generally PV)    
    &Nbsp;  Website optimization, Web page optimization of Foundation, Web page optimization covers: 
  first: title (title), your choice of keywords (preferably 3 keywords).  
  II: meta tags, including, keyword, and description, generator, robots, and Progid etc.  
  third image alt tags, and minimize the use of Flash, and picture (personally, but the appearance may be appropriate). &Nbsp; 
  fourth: a reasonable Web design structures, use less JV scripting language, don't use layers.  
  fifth: external links (links), not to link farms. &Nbsp;  
     Website optimization, do not stare at rankings, so tired, good website content (content is the most important). website ranking optimization process is not straight up, the reality is more of the ups and downs of the rankings, but that's normal. Because it is a process. Web site optimization is not cheating, not simple keywords into. Why do some SEO experts can quickly keyword optimization is good?  
      on hand because they have a lot of site's FTP account and password (these are very important factors), and they have on many sites with high PR value, so many put a link on the site, simply doing website optimization effect came out. Slightly under the notice, we will marvel at some of the sites: the site does not "net", die with high PR value but at the same time, these are SEO's "behind the masterpiece". Web site optimization requires a process, for example, your long, FTP account in the hands of many, more their mutual friend, then your link quality. Google 10 times a year a regular updates and occasional sexually algorithms of upgrading a large part is due to the inspired by the SEO industry research. &Nbsp;  
      the true meaning of SEO should be "to optimize the page, to make it more friendly to search engines". &Nbsp;  
now all the search engines, including Google, there is a problem that is difficult to digest--ability to accept the dynamic website is not enough. &Nbsp;  
know has what is on Google "not friendly" of, on can roughly found on Google "friendly" of approach: through is heavy select key word, and external links, and anchor text and reasonable arrangements page elements of match, optimization website of bottom structure, as more used static page technology, less with even without dynamic page technology, reduced not necessary of script program,, on can from technology level preliminary reached on search engine "friendly" The purpose of. &Nbsp; 
      If you want to achieve the ultimate goal of SEO--ranked at the top of relevant keyword search results, the most important need coordination of Web site content. Improved rankings in the short term to a very poor website is doesn't make any sense, because the Google algorithm update frequency is very fast now. Google's aim was to "find what they need the most", so the site optimization is the most fundamental way, make your site really be the people most in need of site. &Nbsp;  
     purposes is the same for all search engines, is to help users find the most suitable site, so rich in content importance cannot be overemphasized. &Nbsp; 
     has been upgraded numerous times Google's current algorithm formula, which relates the variables there may even be more than more than 300, PageRank is just one of the most famous one. End of said, for the purposes of Web site optimization. Real focus is the content well, stuck on your website your users, your users will continue to accumulate, flow, most useful for GOOGLE ranking. &Nbsp; 
     click on more OK? Not exactly. Taking into account who's looking at your Web page. This is a crucial issue. Must be your target audience is using. Attract targeted visitors, you need to select a good log search engine keywords, joins the category select directories and subdirectories. Excessive _JavaScript code unified into one. js file. Search engines can't read _JavaScript code. Using a simple form, do not use tables, or nested table, HTML errors are so easily. Use unified font CSS style sheets, and not using the HTML font tags.

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