Trademarks trademark design of continuous innovation is the vitality

trademarks trademark design of continuous innovation is the vitality

throughout ancient and modern history, in a sense, is in the constant innovation in the development and progress of human society. Protection and the need to encourage innovation has spawned intellectual property systems, and to promote continuous improvement and development of the intellectual property system. Meanwhile, constantly improve the intellectual property regime and strongly encourage innovation and promote development. Entering the era of knowledge economy, knowledge creation, dissemination and application of the Community cattle lived an important part of, the intellectual property system and the protection and promotion of innovation in the competition in overall national strength under status and highlights the growing role. In today's world, in the face of unprecedented fierce competition in overall national strength, growing trend of economic globalization and regional economic integration, which States pay more attention to intellectual property rights, nurture, protect, improve and perfect the management and intellectual property systems, which country is more likely in the increasingly fierce competition in the international initiative and the opportunities to win.

trademarks are an important intellectual property, not only the result of innovation, and must rely on innovation to maintain its vitality. Although trademark registration can be obtained through renewal of registration continues, but only through continuous innovation in order to continuously enrich the connotation, enhance its value. Therefore, innovation is the key to survival and development of trademarks, trademark vitality lies in innovation.

a, and awareness trademark need innovation

from legal Shang told, trademark is difference different natural, and corporate or other organization of commodity or service of Visual sex logo, but in actual life in the, with economic, and social, and technology, and culture of development and trade, and consumption way of evolution, trademark has just by text, and graphics or its combination constitute of simple logo, but contains with rich economic, and culture, and social, connotation of important carrier. With the development of economic globalization and the rapid development of science and technology and the improvement of productivity, the types of goods and services, increasingly numerous, increasing homogeneity of the quality of goods and services, shopping or when you select a service, consumers are often not "shop around", instead of "acceptance of shopping" (the "acceptance of trademark shopping"). Consumer recognition (tm) shop, not because of trademark design or print well, but due to the fall in the mark represents a certain meaning. Market competition has entered the trademarks (brands) competition, trademarks (brands) competition has become commodities or services are on a high level and intensity of competition more competition. For enterprise,, trademark is its precious of intangible assets and for market competition of sharp weapons, in many enterprise trademark this a intangible assets even than its tangible assets more with value; for consumers,, trademark became its purchase commodity and select service increasingly important of according to, even became consumption of important content; for national,, trademark legal system how, and trademark career of development level how, reflect with a national economic social of development status, In particular, how much a country of world famous trademarks reflect a country's economic strength and competitiveness in the international market. Trademarks are the product of knowledge, is also a product of society, will no doubt as the economic, social and cultural development and continuously update their content and form, therefore the trademark needs fresh eyes and new ideas.

Second, design a trademark innovation

significance comes from the design and use of the trademark, but first comes from the design. In accordance with the provisions of the trademark law, only has a significant feature, easily recognizable logo, can be registered as trademarks, and less with any prior applications or registrations of trademarks as well as other prior rights conflicting signs have been approved and registered. At present, the registered trademark of today has more than 2 million, is under review and the review of trademark as well as hundreds of thousands of pieces, even if they do not take into account the prior rights of others in other areas of intellectual property, conceived and designed with the existing registered trademarks and trademark identical or similar to trademarks, whether in text, graphics, or is its combination of speaking, it is not easy. Without strenuous efforts, not creative thinking, not conceived new ideas, it is difficult to design a unique, highly significant trademark.

third, the use of a trademark innovative

trademark enterprise flag, flag, you should let it fluttering in the business and trading activities, so that consumers are well aware this is your banner. To full play trademark of "flag" role, will in commodity, and commodity packaging or container, and using manual, and trading instruments, and business places, and service tool Shang of striking location highlight to using trademark, declared trademark of ownership, formed to trademark for core of Visual system on should in advertising publicity, and exhibition and other business activities in the focus promotion trademark, constantly strengthened trademark in consumers mind in the of impression, constantly enhanced trademark on consumers of influence. Trademark is one of the intangible assets, assets, will treat as careful management of tangible assets, management and operations, and specialized in the preparation of annual financial statements calculating and assessing the value of benefits of trade mark and trademark movements. Four, enhance the value of trademarks requires innovation competitiveness of the trademark from the trademark on behalf of commodity or service value and social value, and this value is decided by its content. Merchandise trademark includes products of new technology, quality, functionality, materials, styles, colors, techniques, management, marketing, advertising, price, service, reputation, quality, culture and many other areas. Service mark includes all services related to the software and hardware elements. Trademarks any connotation of innovation is very necessary and very easy. Mark part of the connotation of innovation, will allow the partial improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises; innovation of brand connotation will make the comprehensive improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises. With the increasingly fierce market competition, to maintain and improve the competitiveness of enterprises, it is necessary to continuously enrich and innovative brand connotation. From either side, only innovation can generate income.

five innovation, protection of the trademark is to be

effectively protected trademarks of this intellectual property, we first need to rely on a strong legal system, needs with the social development and continuous improvement of the legal system, improving innovation. Second, the related trademark registration and trademark protection, trademark management, trademark enforcement, such as the need for economic, social and cultural development and continuous innovation. Accordingly, brand advocacy, teaching trademark research, trademark, trademark agents, as well as all other work related to the trademark need to innovate.

innovation is a trademark of vitality, are trademarks of vitality. Trademark's vitality lies in innovation, and innovation is the vitality of China's trademark. Let all benefit the development of China's trademark creativity full play.

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