Architecture and design elements of the thorn

architecture and design elements of the thorn

small hand, seems complicated, it through the following eight operation skills to your hands. Course you have hands on thorns construction task in the early, you're opponent printing preparation, printing, printing paper selection easily; you have to supply specific forms of hand, design is generally thought; most of the time you have to proofread, teeming with especially high card, merchant has such requirements. Hand prophase machining is also more complex, needs professional equipment and skilled operators. Previously, we had to personally hand print shop printing, a box of hand maybe going many many times, fortunately there is the Internet, complex. You can drink coffee while tapping a keyboard, in ease of tension in the find the best card for your facility. If you're wrong about all the programmes we supply, you can set the mind free to play, for your own card was designed to, can even omit the proofreading, nice indeed! At the same time you will stab you, you might want to appreciate the process of building of the opponent, we present to you below.
1, printing preparation
If you want to print card, first must be sure your printing system, as the appropriate printing establishment will decide not to use the card carrier, but also to stab the printing costs.
1, PC Digital card: card printing can be finished using the computer and the black laser printer, hand paper 292x197mm paper, each sheet to do ten card. Its characteristics are: printing speed is extremely quick, and typography in one fell swoop, even the hand of good quality, and a box of complex hand by orders, layout to be completed within 30 minutes of delivery. Digital card high quality, high efficiency made it a tributary of the card building system. 2, offset printing business card: quarrel hand printed using computers, laser printers, printer, card offset press mixed finish, hand paper 90x55mm card public paper, each sheet printed only one card. Its characteristics are: Express card all the innovative, for today the conservative card printing. Disadvantages: slower printing speed, delivery cycle is long, expensive, and the quality is not very high.
3, special hand: hand printed using a computer, laser printer, printer, small-screen printing machine joint venture complete, card other than paper medium, medium size General 90x55mm, each printed only one card. Its characteristics are: normal medium than hand thick and hard, suitable to primary, characteristic hand stab, levels vary because of the media is not. Disadvantages: screen printing complex, very spare hand medium, hand made long, noble price. 2, printing ease the selection of
you pick a good stab printing establishment, also necessary printing times of the opponent to stop the selection is also a card for printing color. Much card color, hand a price one of the primary goals. Meanwhile, you opponent printing are printed single-sided or double-sided stop selection, add add a printed surface is equal to the number printed, also means color and price added.
1, color choice: hand coloring can be divided into single, double, black and black, to determine the frequency of out of print. As composed of three primary colors black, plain black without black, no picture color black Black not full, we often say that the black figure is made up of four color, also known as true black. Offset printing business card is not showing, but also composed of three colors, like black card. Digital computer in hand, had no such selection needs. 2, single and double sided pick: hand print single-sided pick number is also equal to the print selection, hand printed much rough, indirect links to cost much.
3, hand
you want to print card also had the form to be printed on the card. Card's main message is supplied on the card, card message consists of text, images (design), unit signs up digital messages is the one, but cannot form tributaries of the card.
1, message, select: text message contains a unit title card holder of title, title and contact systems. Sector business card size, multiple text selected, unit motto, or auspicious phrases.
2, mark choice: cell user if my company's identity, mostly Indian hand sting. If your company is a large national enterprises, we can have your company logo in the material library, you can elect to use; if you didn't identify, had to use e-mail or fax to us by you. If you agree to our collection of your logo, your next printing card can no longer identify.
3, picture choice: you can pick players stabbed printing personal photos, graphics, shading, calligraphic works and complex maps, make your card more personal arrogance. If you use offset printing or laser printing, you didn't need to consider the size of the picture; if you take screen printing, due to the lower rate of screen printing complex arguments, initiatives with a larger picture.
card design you want printed card, and according to your personal joy, love, find out your love card templates. If your template is wrong, you still can I design; if you do not want to excessive fatigue, also designed by us, but you still have to supply your general requirements, and bear the cost of design.
1, use template: our card centre, prepared for printing on out of hand placed a small amount, before printing, representative of the excellent templates for your selection in the hand made. Over time, we will remove departments obsolete template, inexhaustible added some new templates in. If you are our Member, worked in the shop printed over thorns, and authorize us to store your hand sting sample, next printed card, you just need to give your name and password, if you want to modify, you still had to made from scratch.
2, I design: I can design card, is certainly the best choice, just I talent most understands their needs. You are free to play, but also eliminates the need to once again editing easier, extending card delivery time.
5, card layout revisions
1, computer typesetting: professional hand typesetting software to stop hand typesetting, if user e-mail the reviser, in type card will not print until revisions so far OK if customers specify fax revisions, can print a draft to stop editing until OK so far.
2, e-mail: we send back the confirmation message the primary system. If we made a typography confirmation reply mail, can stop the hand print.
3, fax: If customers specify fax revisions, you can print a copy of the draft, after obtaining customer signature confirmation in the draft, can stop the hand print.
card printing card printing at present, there are three the most important and most complex laser-printed, followed by offset printing, silk screen printing is the most complex. At present, laser printing and offset printing, silk screen printing definitely less.
1, laser printing: for today with most pervasive printing establishment. Offset and screen also laser printing, complex plate by laser printing to complete them. Current laser printing can be divided into two types of black and black, they can leave out of PC card.
2, offset: is now conservative card printing system. It of building process to than computer hand thorn complex many, first design good of hand thorn sample version to playing in turned printing paper Shang, or out into printing film (has cable of black pictures), then again with Sun version machine put turned printing paper or film Shang of hand thorn sample version Sun hand thorn public PS printing version Shang, put Sun good of PS version loaded started thorn offset only can beginning printing.
3, screen printing: because it is not suitable for printing on the paper, it is rarely used in the card printing. Screen printing and offset printing, also need to be well designed business card templates on the transfer paper, or out of print film, and then screen common printer transfer paper or card templates on a film print to screen print edition and plate loading screen printing machine can print on screen.
7, pre-/> offset printing business card and special hand after printing is complete only boxes can be delivered up to stop stamping operations. Primary hand prophase machining refers to computer card paper, due to its large format and low thickness of paper cannot be immediately used, had to stop plastic, die-cutting, stamping, packing boxes and other preliminary processing.

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