Cover design of the "image" and "idea"

cover design of the "image" and "idea"

in graphic design, image is very important element. Designer must apply the appropriate image content will be designed to pass through the Visual to the audience. Broadly speaking, all you can see is the "image".
book cover design is based on "like" on the art, give the reader a image, impression, like. This "image" contains images and phenomena in the universe, images, and so on. Cover design with view on the plane

felt language reveals the books contents and nature. In an abstract form, so readers know the book by "spirit", go for this "spirit".
book cover design is attributed to the "meaning" of art on. "Shubujinyan, meaning", has not expressed enough to show, you can use the "image". Book cover of "like" in some degree

on enriching the content of books, thus affecting the promotion of books.
cover design to express a certain "meaning", but not random or arbitrary, but must be according to the intent of the question, that is, cover design with a proposition. Here the "meaning" not only from the title, also from the

book deep meaning and for products that use areas, market needs, and so on. Designers must consider all the propositional meaning and, if possible, make the right answer; cover design should not only answer the proposition specified

meaning, also designed to display their cultural significance. Good design is not only to make improvement of book culture and beauty itself is always first pleasure to the reader's mind. And always in the creep

effect of all the people who see it.
as a practical art, cover design in the idea of using people's long-standing cultural awareness, life experiences, literature, symbols, and so on, symbolically articulate a way, FreeHand or using the tactics

implicit simulation of the objective appearance, beauty of expression, constitute a specific graphic languages. Forms consistent with the contents of the book cover, and the book's overall unity.
as the cover designer, is in the book on the author's land to cultivate their artistic flower, fruit of which books. In a more reasonable way to express "meaning", "to the General morality of the gods, at the class of all things

"-"like" enlighten the readers from an abstract point of view, the overall idea to generalize and grasp the essence of the book, through the representation and in-depth.
cover idea himself in art and culture belong to the designer. You want to use with the distinctive characteristics of "image" books enrich the sense, vitality, beauty in all its forms to select, compare,

out of their respective merits and then touch readers deeply. "Light up make it visible", the cover is to not see, see the book according to the light, and "like" to do "meaning", give the book vitality.
"like" design elements: point, line, face, body, space, color, texture, and so on ... ... In the eyes of the designers, are supposed to be full of personality and emotional "meaning", basic element composed of "like

" expression is infinite. Simplicity but not simple in design, fun and uncluttered – like the light emitted by one point for the rays, some point to gather, form, adult, to the infinite,

time, speed changes, rendering the connotation of Sun rings. Simple, rich, colorful and clear.
exploration of "image" and "meaning" link also for Visual understanding of psychology, Germany psychological school lessons of gestalt psychology, such as groups, virtual potential, Visual constancy illusion

principle described. Designers to arouse the reader's perception, make use of the method of combining Visual factors, psychological factors, "like" readers to communicate in order to achieve the best image on the cover.
in Visual convey process in the, requirements designers with "as" on books of "spirit" for General, ingenuity wonderful wants to, in "State as" in the sought some breakthrough; in design in the especially to note of is: readers of

career, and national, and culture literacy of different, for "as" of preference also different, to grasp good "meaning" of scale. Since ancient times human beings learned to use images to express the thought, due to environmental and life learning

effect of inertial navigation, people from different parts of the use of the image has a different tradition, the designer should gain experience in the traditional.
as the cover of modern designers, the most important thing is to find national and world, traditional and modern meeting point. In enriching book design concepts at the same time, absorb nutrition from other categories of art, understanding the

"image", and "means", so new.

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