VI corporate image

VI corporate image

corporate image through philosophy-behavior-the Visual aspects of the implementation of the reach. And this is precisely the truth--good-the perfect unity of the Pegasus three processes.

first: seeking the truth. Respect facts and objective laws, and boldly explore and stick to the truth, it is the prerequisite to the realization of development and progress of modern science. As the philosopher of science, laudan said: "Science

is a rational cause cause", and for companies, production enterprises must obey the objective laws--benefit from the objective law of understanding and grasping. Also only seek the truth and to make the

product quality can be guaranteed. Enterprise is only for research and production in line with the scientific spirit of seeking truth, in parallel with the progress of the times and maintain its tension and calm the mind.

second: good. Philosophically speaking, values are about recognition of the usefulness of the object. Enterprise value is the enterprise all or most members agree on the business meaning of the ultimate judgment. Emphasis on profit-fixing

is needed for survival and development of enterprises, are also prerequisites for socio-economic development, but, after all, is an integral part of the social system, and other elements of the social system inextricably

linked. The operating activities of the enterprise, with Governments, customers, financial institutions, media of all segments of society can be achieved. Therefore, companies cannot ignore these links in disregard of purely in pursuit of

their own interests. Enterprise value and meaning of existence dependency and community recognition and support of the public. Therefore, selecting good values, is itself based on the correct understanding of,

and the progress of social civilization in a manner consistent with the means to take. Life is an important part of corporate culture, is a sort of intrinsic motivation. Only know for whom, on the target position to make the right


third: the Pegasus. Reaching realm of beauty, meet people's yearning for emotion. Production process is the process of objectification of man power, successful operation led the power realities of human nature

, which is companies give employees the essence of aesthetic pleasure. Free ride of the companies of the US based on the laws of Economics: "constantly realizing people's conscious dynamic role and economic necessity of unity

, that is increasingly aware of economic laws, which freedom in the economic life of the realm. "When workers in production from the realm of necessity to the realm of transcendence is reached, he will get

" I Act at will but by more than moments "good psychological feeling, this feeling is also a kind of intention.

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