Intel farewell not only of knowledge of logo design LOGO

on January 4, Intel announced that it will lose has 37 years of "Intel   Inside", grand entrance is a corporate brand logo, 3 platforms identified and 13 processor product identification.

synchronization launched of Intel company enterprise image advertising and past of design concept different, uncharacteristically to using has sharply text, makes it looks more like a Zhang announcement, focuses on stressed has Intel of "cool core" double nuclear processor, and Centrino double nuclear mobile computing, and WiMax wireless broadband intervention technology and digital family brand "Viiv", word not mention had for Intel State Xia Han horse credit of "Pentium" products. &Nbsp;

"the chip giant is trying to pass a new brand identity to tell the world it has changed, and sought to change the company previously only PC and server chips in the field of technology for high-end, professional image, given its brand identity more and more in line with the connotation of enterprise development. "CCID Senior Vice President    said. &Nbsp;

Yes, for standard is Intel strategy transformation of third a steps, this appearances of behind is the company strategy transformation of gradually in-depth: first step is in products technology Shang from a provides CPU of company transformation for a home platform solution programme of provides business, second step is in 2005 for of that mass organization structure adjustment--this is Intel to new face again show zhiqian indispensable of two stage. &Nbsp;

Intel (China), public relations manager ' as saying that release to the public a new corporate brand identity, means Intel has completed the strategic change from inside to outside. &Nbsp;

, go-go  

"for the subject, there are two, one is the abolition of the old logo, completely new brand image, the other is separated, old logo represent the old, the new logo represents the new brand meaning. "Xinhua said Zhao 镕, IT analyst, Intel is clearly biased towards the latter type. &Nbsp;

taking into account the information Qu Xiaodong, General Manager, to "Intel   Inside" logo design advertising return system on behalf of a pattern--the industrial history of the most successful in introducing new products and old products should have gone down the case, Intel does not directly reduce prices, but according to each customer in the advertising if there is "Intel   Inside" logo, the return of 30 to 50 % Advertising. Intel is smart because, it does not direct feedback to the enterprises of cash, but according to partner on CPU purchase, accounts payable amounts take into account next time. &Nbsp;

meaning of this model is that it was supposed to that part of the profits of the manufacturers advertising rebate form into the next order, hold fast to OEM manufacturers. CPU speed is no longer the consumer when buying PC's most important factors, and as global PC growth started to slow, over the face of the chip maker Intel will have to find new profit growth point of the competition, it has chosen from the CPU to the platform vendor's transformation into the communications, digital home, digital health care and other fields. &Nbsp;

However, homogenization, standardization of production with the PC industry is different, Basic does not standardize the production of home appliances, mobile phone industry, cannot copy Intel's advantage in the IT field. Especially the field of home appliances, Intel is no longer industry chain led, it must learn to rely on economies of scale to make a profit. Meanwhile, with a return to the meaning of "Intel   Inside" logo cannot be used in the margins, such as home appliances and health care fields, but Intel still need to let all ads had the company's brand identity, so there will be a demand for the subject. &Nbsp;

"it is this basis of changes in the market, its customer base has changed, it identifies the need for differentiation from single identity to an identity group. "Qu Xiaodong said. &Nbsp;

platform strategy of beauty and sorrow  

in fact, change much more than the Company Logo of the Intel "Intel" below "Inside" (built-in) into a "Leap   ahead" (beyond the future). &Nbsp;

began to transition to a platform strategy Intel into the appliance, after new fields such as medical, digital enterprise, began to seem so cold and strong. They changed the old image of the dominant role of the industrial chain, begins with a gentle face appeared in a variety of settings, and digital home partners pushed to the foreground in such areas. Intel seems to have started to recognize that products are not standardized like the PC industry in the production of household appliances, mobile phones, competition is the main TCL, Hisense, founder of home appliances, PC manufacturers. &Nbsp;

, however, Intel is still working hard, hoped that by marketing the digital consumer electronics and communications products due to the impact chips brand and eventually became the company's customers. This strategy follows the "Intel   Inside" practices of the times. "From the company's Centrino Mobile platform and Viiv (VIIV) digital home platform strategy can be seen from the inside (inside) and out (out), an attempt to seize the Intel consumer brand strategy formation. "Qu Xiaodong said. &Nbsp;

other details, according to the BusinessWeek report, Intel executives also began doing some effort trying to dole out cash rebates to those common advertising PC makers--that's what Intel's competitors have been reason to attack it. &Nbsp;

in the past three years, Intel grew at an average rate of 13% per year, but analysts predicted in 2006 that the company's growth is likely to only 7%, to $ 42.2 billion. Intel for the subject and the campaign will cost $ 2.5 billion, while Intel would be totally necessary, but the result is worrying. &Nbsp;

clearly, Intel to enter the area will encounter a lot of strong opponents, for example in the communications chips, Texas instruments (TI) and Qualcomm is actively responding to Intel's "invasion". In fact, in 2006 AMD and Texas instruments also is targeting digital home market the two companies intend to start their own chip platform. &Nbsp;

in the field of PC, AMD strong growth around the world, is gradually encroach on Intel's "turf". Intel got Apple a big client at the same time, old DELL faces loss of loyalty to the threat. While in China, Intel's last big allies Tsinghua tongfang has just announced a partnership with AMD. &Nbsp;

some worry about Intel strategy is that areas outside of this company in the computer almost never won a great success. In the eyes of some analysts, Intel, the giant company's strategic transformation, like a flying airplane engine.

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