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     marketing planning is different, Yes, Ben heads to Zhejiang bosses was a lesson, many went back again, seemed to feel the truth, but didn't dare conversation, afraid of truth is too high, or brand finished his pockets are empty. A few days ago, was talking to a company President to this day, derived its Dong Zhu and I met a few years ago, know us, so talk to Mister introduction. Before I am ready for a long time, old always wanted to ask what the problem is, but I didn't think about 1 talk, I didn't say a few words, to accompany two experts also play a role.

    chat finished, guests gone, expert colleagues joked that, old always idealism. Another colleague said, has the ideal man is the worst.

    This one I got surprised a moment, a little North could not be found, but according to Dong Zhu wrote to the CEOS proposal. Proposal meant, the company wants to develop new brands, started preparing to do market research and competitive differentiation, and how. By Dong Zhu later learn, Mister meaning first, infrastructure, just to toss a can, effect and secondly, I can't find North. What bosses do not like to do case will have good effect do not, will do a random way, and don't forget, find Dong Zhu talked. I like to find universal truths, contrary to the ideology of things like find out, is known as "gossip".

    and analysis of the following two points. 1. Zhejiang's bosses were afraid, has talked to his boss, before themselves and others ran a project but also a planning and propaganda and cost many poor results, not much improvement. So they also need to be adapted for all that is will eventually lead to cost a lot, ineffective enterprises. 2. heard I said do had the industry leading brand on headache has, does leading brand spent has many promotion costs, so listening to I a mentioned brand to promotion on headache, didn't detail on think brand promotion must to crazy hit advertising fee, so enterprise development and brand construction on first casually enrollment home company slightly make a type out, effect yihou again find a planning company took advertising fee hit's.

   Oh! brand marketing brand before infrastructure under slightly flimsy, almost the same cost and my calculations, why casual? Do large companies planning like casually? Surely not because of, the company's leadership to bypass the Chairman and find us, I hope I can convince Chairman, we implement brand building, and even infrastructure is, professional protection on the one hand, the other party can lay a foundation for brand development in the late.

    do you want to do? Perhaps other brands met President not spoken during the negotiations, we have to put things on, this is not my personal character, became the company's character. But the other team ask, doesn't do that is too proud of it? According to its Chairman, brand development, advice to several points, really perverse doesn't make any sense, and then give up too late not to give each other teams face, said although we do branding and marketing "potential", but a man and serve the customers do not take "power".

    1. marketing differentiation, differentiation should think about early in brand building. Or, type only the very basics, when we have to start planting trees, planted good seed.

    2. companies to get what, the Chairman generally have an idea, then what? Should be is not clear. The company's strategy are vague, we can help companies to describe this? Or do that? Certainly need to give us a chance to investigate, if you do not give the opportunity to survey, only blank? I'll pass, probably will be, it is idealism, not a branding strategy.

    3. companies also do Web site. Web site is doing? Not display is a precision marketing tool, is a media network platform, website is all part of website promotion, professional way of thinking and, like bluffing lacks meaning, perhaps many years later, the site's PR up some, but who knows after many years, online marketing and standards? Website is the window to the outside, telling people not only the company's products, there is the company's unique concept, the so-called differentiated identity, Visual recognition, many of them in here, if you just mess, and how contrary to the ideal is, that ideal is lying.

    4. identity you want to change, and changed it? Companies from outside to the inside, you can see several images, and we have to do is any ordinal? We have to do it, sign to register it, mature, thoughtful, often after, often pushing, would be good for a company's image and marketing. Differentiation is not changed every day, is that the order or after brand, is after positioning the brand core, don't immediately change. Companies planning a 3'5 years, core strategies are not the same, the image does not change, feel free to change at least the market or not, vendors don't like, even search engine robots would not like, huh.

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