1, product packaging design idea?

packaging refers to the design and production of container or wrap a series of activities. The container or wrapper is called packaging. Here package has two meanings: (1) packaging is for product design and packaging process. (2) product packaging refers to the outer wrapper. We think the package is a dynamic process, beautiful coat is only the result of a dynamic process. Therefore, the product packing means for a new product design, manufacturing containers, packages of various activities.

new product packaging is generally divided into 3 levels: (1) basic package. The product direct container, fitted with Coca Cola bottle; (2) the secondary packaging. It is a protective layer of product packaging, such as used for packing bottles of Coca-Cola's beverage cartons and (3) transport packaging. It refers to the storage, shipping and ordering plus packaging.

new product packaging consists of the following elements:
1. Trademark. Mark occupies a prominent place on the packaging.
2. Shape. Packaging shape not only conducive to handling, storage and display, but also is beneficial to product sales, must conform to the aesthetic of the target market consumer habits.
3. Colour. Color is the new product packaging and sales stimulation in the factor most closely associated. Selection of color should change with social consciousness and to comply with the requirements of the target market and cultural background, more important is to make the background color of the application, color personality composition and deployment highlights new products, strengthen new product features.
4. Pattern. Packaging product shelf advertisements, patterns like the ad picture. New product packaging designs in addition to the clear, easy to understand, but also to highlight the brand positioning.
5. Material. Development and selection of new materials is a regular and important work in package design.

2, packaging design and innovative thinking?

packaging design innovation is the development trend of modern design, innovation is a rather difficult thing, outside of the design if the closing does not absorb new things and new things abroad is far from innovative. Only to learn new things, entered the market to learn more about how to study, see Locating learning advantages of commodity packaging, to find out which new and unique place.
to compare inspired design creative inspiration, so as to enhance creativity in design.
packaging innovation is to think, and think others have not thought of, do it on the level of others have not thought of. Imagination can dare to think. On the design conception, how do many designs.